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Medical English Plus specialise in preparation courses for both the IELTS and OET tests. To help you decide which test would suit you best, please read the following information.

Both IELTS and OET are used to test the English language of healthcare professionals in different parts of the world, including the UK and Ireland. They are chosen by different regulatory bodies to ensure doctors, nurses and other medical professions have sufficient language skills to communicate at a high level with patients and colleagues, so providing safe and effective care.

There are a number of similarities between the two tests.

Each one consists of four sub-tests, one for each skill: reading, listening, writing and speaking.
A test usually takes place on one day.
There is no pass/fail, but a graded score – different institutions need test takers to achieve different scores.

However, there are also a number of differences.

The Academic version of IELTS tests academic English. This includes the ability to write essays on a great variety of subjects, understand academic articles and discuss a wide range of topics.

The OET tests English used in a healthcare setting, including the ability to write a referral or discharge letter, follow a text taken from a medical journal and the ability to both understand and communicate with patients and fellow professionals effectively in many different medical scenarios.


The score equivalencies between the two tests are as follows:

8 – 9A
7 – 7.5B
5.5 – 6C
4.5 – 5.5D


Medical English Plus specialise in both IELTS and OET preparation. We work with hundreds of candidates every year and specialise in working with healthcare professionals. Clients include many large NHS Trusts, Care Home Groups and Private Healthcare Groups in the UK. We are one of the first two OET endorsed Premium Preparation Providers in the whole of the UK and Europe.

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