OET Premium Preparation Providers have demonstrated high levels of quality in material creation and curriculum planning. We have been endorsed by OET to provide preparation and language courses for specific professions.

Here at Medical English Plus we are very proud of our tutors, who are all highly qualified, experienced teachers and examiners who have spent many years preparing doctors and nurses for their English exams. We already have a great deal of expertise teaching IELTS preparation classes, but we have also spent many months going through a rigorous endorsement process with OET to ensure that our team is ready to prepare candidates for the OET exam.

In house courses

If you are looking for high quality, in-house, tailor-made courses to suit your needs, we can supply them. We can supply lessons for your staff on a weekly basis or you may prefer them to do a full time intensive course, we are very flexible and will aim to meet your requirements. Medical English Plus will carry out a detailed Needs Analysis for the group before lessons commence, enabling us to deliver a course that is built to address the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. We will provide your staff with all of the materials, equipment, knowledge and skills needed to enable them to pass their OET or IELTS exam.

OET & IELTS Preparation Coaching

Our accredited OET assessment and preparation classes give doctors and nurses the language and test techniques they need to achieve B in the four papers. Our IELTS classes are specifically designed to achieve an IELTS overall Band of 7 or 7.5, with a minimum of Band 7 in all disciplines. All classes will be designed specifically around each students needs and skills. This means they can include targeted amounts of work on the components that are their weakest areas in any of the following: Writing, Listening, Reading or Speaking. There will also be sessions on exam strategy.

Online courses

We also provide online courses, either in small groups or on a one to one basis. Getting a group of people together at the same time and on the same day can be very challenging for busy professionals, but sometimes it is possible to get a colleague to share classes and this can reduce the costs.

Needs Analysis

It is very helpful to carry out a Needs Analysis first, this will enable us to judge your current skills level in detail; we also need to know any previous test results. We will ask you to complete a ‘Mock Test’ so we can plan your sessions to suit your individual learning requirements.

One to One Courses

Our Individual One to One Courses normally entail two hours of face-to-face coaching and four or five hours of self-study per week and additionally, detailed feedback will be given on all of the work you submit. However, depending on your availability and requirements, this is very flexible. Your sessions will be designed specifically around your needs and skills; this means they can include targeted amounts of work on the components that are your weakest areas in any of the following: Writing, Listening, Reading or Speaking. All of our courses also include instruction on exam strategy. The cost to include all of the above is £140.00 per week, but you can increase the amount of hours you have per week for an additional fee of £50.00 per hour.

We can provide you with a more accurate estimate of how many hours we think you will need after we have completed a Needs Analysis, but we generally find that most people require a minimum of eight hours plus materials, which costs a total of £560.00

Online Intensive Courses

Our online Intensive Course consists of one hour of face-to-face coaching, four times a week, for two weeks and includes over twelve hours of self study materials. You will also be given detailed feedback on all of the work you submit. These courses are only suitable for someone who has an IELTS level of an overall Band 7, with a minimum of Band 6.5 in each discipline. The cost of this two week course is £500.00.

We can tell you which type of course is suitable for you after we have completed your Needs Analysis.

A detailed Needs Analysis costs £75.00

We also supply a Writing marking and feedback service, which costs £25.00 per script.